Lara Kidswear Syria
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About Us
The company was founded by Nabil Halab as sole proprietorship in 1975 under the name of Lara. We started out in a small workshop with two sewing machines by producing simple cotton wear such as kids pajamas, and in-house ladies' robes. With time, we grew into big national company running the whole process of cloth manufacturing, from designing to cutting, sewing, and packaging, in a full-fledged 4 story factory. Over the years, we've gained a long life experience in manufacturing of children and teenage wear, and we've earned an honest reputation for producing quality clothing at a fair price.

The company's main office and all its manufacturing plants are located in Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria, located in the north near the Turkish border. We also have a showroom in Damascus, the Capital. Lara Kids Wear is also proud to be the first Syrian brand name that adopted the franchising system for its distribution inside the country. Our retail outlets are distributed throughout all the 14 cities of Syria selling its own "Lara" brand exclusively.

Our main raw material in production is local cotton. The Syrian cotton is known to be one of the finest in the world. As textile machinery developed we were able to make more use of our "White Treasures." We started applying refined cotton materials into more outwear and fancy clothes in all sorts of creative ways.

In our company we create our own design in our own design department. Our designs and colors are adopted from the European houses of fashion and adjusted to suit the local taste. We visit exhibitions in France and Italy twice yearly to be updated on new styles and trends in fashion.

The mission of our company is to keep children happy by producing them top quality clothing and designs that will satisfy their tastes and their parents' taste.

Our Factory

Our factory is located in the industrial area of Belleramoun where all the main textile factories are found, inside the city of Aleppo. The factory consists of a 4-floor building that has 7,000 square meters of space only half of which is being utilized at the moment. The rest is ready to be put in function whenever we feel the need for expansion. The factory employs 250 employees and has a complete manufacturing line beginning with fashion design, patron model making with computer aided facilities. The company has 5 cutting machines (1 electronic + 4 manual) and 100 sewing machines with necessary auxiliary machines including ironing, quality control, and packaging.

  • Our electronic cutter helps us to economize on time.
  • We pay great attention for quality control where each item is inspected fully before packaging.
  • Our Patron Design System PDS© enables us to work efficiently with our recourses.